Millia Blocker!

Created by Teyah

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Download for offline use (recommended) via Adobe Flash Player.
Running the test on the website may result in inaccurate times by -5 frames to +30 frames due to browser slowdown, memory leaks, etc.


Instructions on how to use an arcade stick or pad:

1. Download Joy2Key here. Note that Adobe Flash doesn't support joystick use so Joy2Key is necessary if you want to use a stick/pad.

2. Bind the right direction on your stick/pad to any keyboard key.

3. Press your stick right in place of pressing a key, when running the test.

4. To simulate going from downback to back, you can simply hold the down direction. then move to downback. This is exactly the same distance as moving from downback to back. If you really are hung up on going from downback to back, turn your stick 45 degrees counterclockwise and now hold 'downback' (which is actually down) and move to back for the test.

5. Hitting a button on your keyboard or stick requires far less force and is faster than moving a stick lever anyway. So don't blame the program! :)